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APEX Auctions in Girdwood, AK: Our Goal and Mission

Girdwood is originally known as “Glacier City” for the icy behemoths that rim the surrounding mountains. Each region in Alaska has something to offer professionals that eventually pushes them to consider trading or making bigger moves for growth in the future.

At Apex Auctions in Girdwood, AK, we have one goal: to provide our customers with the best auction experience. Our mission is to provide unparalleled customer service, convenience, and quality. We strive to ensure every customer has a positive, enjoyable, and successful auction experience.

If you are one of its residents looking to sell items through auctions in Girdwood, AK, then APEX owns services all over the state. Trust our Alaskan Auction Company that can help you sell and enjoy lucrative deals through auctions in Girdwood, AK.

Our Guiding Principles for Auctions in Girdwood, AK: Honesty, Convenience, & Followthrough

At Apex Auctions, we believe that honesty, convenience, and followthrough are the principles that make an auction a success. That’s why we strive to provide a transparent and organized process for every auction. We’re committed to working with buyers and sellers to ensure that all parties are satisfied with their experience.

Honesty is paramount to any successful auction. We make sure all of our information is accurate and up-to-date. We are upfront and honest about the condition of all items up for auction, and we’ll never hide important details from our buyers or sellers.

Convenience is key when it comes to auctions. We strive to make the process as simple and easy as possible for our customers. We host weekly online auctions, so you don’t have to leave your home to participate. We also offer a variety of payment options, so you can pay in the way that is most convenient for you.

We take followthrough very seriously. We make sure that all buyers and sellers have a positive experience. We ensure that everyone is satisfied with their purchase, and we follow up with both parties to ensure that the auction is a success.

How Can Buyers & Sellers Benefit From Apex Auctions in Girdwood, AK?

Sellers will benefit from Apex Auctions by being able to list their items for sale quickly and easily. With a simple online auction system, sellers can easily list their items and have them sold to the highest bidder. With competitive prices, sellers can maximize their profits while also having their items sold quickly.

Buyers will benefit from Apex Auctions by being able to find a wide variety of items to purchase. With a huge selection of items, buyers can find the perfect item to fit their needs without having to search through various stores. With competitive prices, buyers can find things they want without breaking their budget.

APEX constantly works to be your one-stop shop for selling your personal belongings, real estate, or business liquidations, whether you need to sell your property before leaving Alaska, need to manage the estate of a loved one who has passed away, or needs to downsize your estate. We help you move to the next stage of your life as easy as possible.

Striking Features Guarantee a Successful Auction Experience in Girdwood, AK

  • We offer full estate pick-up; there are no up-front costs; we are an FFL dealer and can ship firearms.
  • We can set reserves for auctions. Connect for details.
  • We use social media & email marketing to promote our auctions.
  • We sell any car, whether it has a title or not
  • After the auction ends, we make payment to all consignors typically, within 14 days

Location Information

625 West 59th Avenue, Suite G, Anchorage, Alaska 99518, United States

(907) 278-2221

Please get in touch with our team if you are interested in joining our online or live auctions in Girdwood, AK. We’ll be glad to assist you!



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625 W. 59th Ave, Suite G