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APEX Auction's Clean Out Services in Anchorage, Alaska

Our Clean Out services have been essential to our clientele as professionals in estate liquidation management. We have performed massive clean-outs and are now aware of what befits throwaways and what is valuable financially and emotionally. Most importantly, our staff knows how challenging this process may be. We are committed to executing a quick clean-out openly and sensitively.

We provide a wide range of clean-out services to help you through this difficult period. We range from showing up to pick up only the exact goods you want to sell to completely emptying the house and leaving it clean.

To help you determine what to keep, what to sell, and what to dump, APEX Auctions can assist you in sorting through years’ worth of personal items, documentation, collectibles, home goods, furniture, keepsakes, and more.

What to Expect in Our Clean Out Services for Auction?

When you contact us for cleaning services in Anchorage, we promise to make your investment worthwhile by:

  • Providing shredding services.
  • Shipping items to family members
  • Cleaning the home (sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping, etc.)
  • Collecting personal items for family members (i.e., sensitive paperwork, photos, money, etc.)
  • Providing an overview of items sold, including an itemized list of prices
  • Arranging private buyers to sell items of monetary value (no commission taken)
  • Pack and donate useful items to charity in the client’s name.

Some reputable realtors, wealth management advisers, attorneys, and CPAs make up most of our clientele, but we also provide services to people and their families. We have the best knowledge and experience in this area. Without implying any shortcuts, the knowledgeable team at APEX can do most clean-out services in a single day.

APEX Auctions: Your go-to Cleaning Services in Anchorage

We have experience working with local movers and are acquainted with them. Therefore, it is simple for us to plan a move’s specifics and set it up swiftly. If required, we may set up either temporary or long-term storage.

You might still have many things even after taking everything out of value. Sorting those might be a laborious and never-ending chore. Our professional staff will remove all useless items carefully.

Most importantly, we comprehend! We know this could be a trying period, and we will always abide by your instructions. We can help you do everything with the least amount of stress possible because we have the vehicles, the people, and the capacity to do so. Our estimates are always free of cost.

At APEX Auctions, we guarantee a fruitful experience with clean-out services by offering:

  • 24/7 security of stored items
  • Short-term and long-term storage options
  • Climate-controlled facilities

When it comes to Auction, moving, and clean-out services, we boast of providing a vast range of Auction and cleaning services in Anchorage to assist you with your upcoming home sale or business closure.

Are you looking for excellent deals on clean-out services? Ensure to check in at APEX Auctions on Hi Bid frequently. We are FFL with a full license and look forward to assisting you! Get a free moving and clean-out service quote for auctions today by calling 907-375-1960 or emailing

A big profit is waiting for you!



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